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Damage and repair pvc window frames

Damage and repair pvc window frames

Is your plastic window frame completely discolored by the sun? Did you accidentally order the wrong color or is there a color difference to notice on a particular window profile? Do you find blisters or air bubbles on the pvc window frames? OnUnwanted scratches, cracks or peeling on plastic windows?

If your pvc window frames or doors are suffering from the following: scratches, blisters, discoloration, shriveling, powdering and or flaking of the film – then without a doubt you need to call Foil Solutions. Our professionals can immediately diagnose the problem and provide a clear quote. A 1-year warranty is given on repair work on plastic window frames. Minor repairs, major renovation work, or giving your windows a completely new color? We are already on our way!

Foil Solutions is your first responder to damage to your plastic window frames.

Scratches, blisters, powdering, shriveling, discoloration of your plastic window frames? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to customize a recommendation for you. Our professionals will be happy to advise you and throw all their technical knowledge into the fray to professionally restore the damage to its original color. Problems with your pvc windows? Put the Foil Solutions phone number on speed dial!

Foil Solutions chooses quality and durability, always!

Foil Solutions repairs pvc windows for individuals, businesses and for professional dealers. Thoroughly clean, expertly sand and super tight glue for a custom finish? Foil Solutions guarantees 100% quality.

About Foil Solutions

Foil Solutions is a specialist in exterior and interior films for windows, doors, panels, interiors, solar control glass film and security film, among others. Film application is an innovative and more than excellent alternative to traditional painting, spray painting or coating systems. You can think of it as painting, but with film.

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