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Interior films

Interior films

Windows, doors, walls, elevators or walls that are difficult to paint? An iron cabinet or desk that could use a solid renovation? A wall that needs to be made scratch resistant? Or does your company want to make a sustainable commitment and repurpose the furniture?

Our film specialists can pimp any flat and smooth surface with ironclad interior film in a variety of colors and textures, from wood motifs to marble textures. A neutral color or would you rather have all the colors of the rainbow? It’s up to you! Following the rules of the art, our craftsmen cut and glue the film in any size so that all the pieces fit together perfectly without overlaps. Working with film is extremely fast, efficient and odorless.

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The advantages

High impact resistance

No disruption during execution

Directly dust dry

Easy to clean

Environmentally friendly

Meets requirements of healthcare institutions

Execution in one pass

Meets fire safety standards

Foil Solutions is your collaborative interior design specialist

Do you have interior doors, windows, furniture, elevators or counters that are difficult to paint or could use a new look? Then foil is your secret recipe for a brand new look and feel at a friendly price. Foil Solutions is your sparring partner to renovate and restyle the interior and furniture in your offices, schools, hospitals, public buildings, healthcare facilities, hospitality and chains. Your furniture gets a second life!

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Foil Solutions chooses craftsmanship, always!

Our professionals will visit you at a time that fits perfectly into your schedule. The bonding of the film is done very precisely and cleanly with a minimum of inconvenience. De verlijming van de folie gebeurt zeer nauwkeurig en schoon met een minimum aan ongemak. Foil Solutions stands for craftsmanship and quality and works with reputable brands such as 3M Di-Noc, Avery FaƧade Film, Renolit, LG Interior Film, and Bodaq Interior Film.

About Foil Solutions

Foil Solutions is a specialist in exterior and interior films for windows, doors, panels, interiors, solar control glass film and security film, among others. Film application is an innovative and more than excellent alternative to traditional painting, spray painting or coating systems. You can think of it as painting, but with film.

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