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Security films

Security films

Smartly anticipate unwanted burglaries, theft and vandalism? Protecting your windows from harsh weather conditions? Safely shield food production from glass shards?

With a simple procedure, we can apply a transparent safety film to your interior and exterior windows, giving your glass an extra layer of protection. Safety films are used to prevent injuries from breaking glass, flying glass fragments or as an extra safety measure in the food processing industry and in production halls. As a nice bonus, invisible window film makes a valuable contribution to reducing burglaries and vandalism in buildings with a lot of glass area.

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The advantages

Glass becomes significantly stronger

No inconvenience during works

Enormous impact resistance

Maintenance-free material

Burglary delaying effect

Delays color fading furniture

Impressive lifetime

Protect your glass from collisions, theft, break-ins and vandalism. With a transparent safety film, we transform all glass windows and doors in banks, stores, schools, nurseries, healthcare institutions, hospitals, factories, production halls, etc. into safety glass. The film with strong adhesive provides a sturdy backbone that protects you and your surroundings from flying shards and splinters when glass breaks.

Foil Solutions opts for expert advice, always!

Foil Solutions listens to your needs with all its expertise. Together we look at the possibilities and give professional advice tailored to your needs. Our subject matter experts install safety film on existing glass from small to large areas. With a magnifying glass, they review each finished project with the final touches. Free of wrinkles or blisters? Check!

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About Foil Solutions

Foil Solutions is a specialist in exterior and interior films for windows, doors, panels, interiors, solar control glass film and security film, among others. Film application is an innovative and more than excellent alternative to traditional painting, spray painting or coating systems. You can think of it as painting, but with film.

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