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Foil Solutions is the specialist in exterior and interior foils for windows, doors, panels, interiors, as well as solar and security foils.
The application of films on window frames and panels, among others, is an innovative and more than excellent alternative to traditional painting and spraying or coating systems. It’s like painting, but with film.

Foil Solutions thinks along and is an innovative partner for renovations, re-styling and re-branding of buildings, commercial properties, offices, schools, healthcare institutions, housing associations. In addition, we are also there for private customers.
Our expertise is without a doubt the installation of the wafer-thin but rock-solid film of quality brands (such as Avery Facade film film, Sikkens Dry-Film, 3M, Bodaq, LG, Reface or Renolit), with pure and precise millimeter work without drying time. Because we stand for quality, we guarantee it 100%, for ten years on various applications.

Within our driven and flexible team we have 20 years of experience in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Do you have a project for Foil Solutions? We love a challenge and are happy to roll out our film for you!

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